FC "Dobroudjan" village Stefanovo 1952-1959

First row - seated from left to right: Filyu Ivanov-fen, Angel Krastev, Petar Vasilev, Ivan Simeonov and Andrey Lyutskanov.

Second row - standing from left to right: Peter - the teacher-fen, Ivan Spassov, Matthew Kolev, Stefan Tonev - goal keeper, unknown, Zhivko Velikov, Atanas Marinov, linko, Oresharov Vladimir and Georgi Angelov - fan.

FC "Dobroudjan" village Stefanovo 1966-1980

First row - kneeling from left to right: Nicolas Peev, Atanas Atanasov, Vasil Kirov, Georgi Georgiev, Veliko Ivanov;

Second row - standing ​​from left to right: Dimitar Danailov, Dimitar Georgiev, Dinyu Matev, Ivan Kirov, Kostadin Georgiev, Amet - "alpha" and Emin Saliev - goalkeeper.

FC "Sportsman" village Stefanovo 1982-1993

First row - from left to right, kneeling: Rumen Andreev Lyutskanov, Ivelin Kostadinov Iliev, Elmaz Sebaydinov Mustafov, Asan Mustafov Asanov, Simeon Ivanov Simeonov and Shener Aptiev.

Second row - standing: Emil Vasilev Enchev, Fayredin Ahmedov Mehmedov, Jordan Mateev Roussev - Captain, Kostadin Angelov Georgiev - Coach, Ayredin Ahmedov Mehmedov and Erudvan Feradinov Zeynelov.

FC "Dobroudjan" village Stefanovo 1973 - 2008 (35 years)

First row - from left to right: Marin Penchev, Atanas Atanasov, Veliko Velikov, Georgi Georgiev, Yanko Yankov, Fidan Akif, Vassil Velikov - Coach, Stoyan Mateev, Donko Marev, Jordan Mateev.

Second row - from left to right: Nicolas Peev, Ivan Simeonov, Stefan Stefanov, Vasil Kirov, Elijah Kolev, Dimitar Danailov.

Third row - from left to right: Dimitar Danailov, Zhelyu Temelkov, Konstadin Iliev, Nikola Stoyanov and Dimitar Stankov.

FC "Athletes Stefanovo" village Stefanovo

First row - seated: Sabri Nazifov - born in 1976, Mehmed Mehmedov (captain) - born in 1970, Oktay Kapitanov, Krassimir Niagolov - Coach (former player of "Dobrudja" and "Zaria" village Krushari, where he reached the semi-finals of the Bulgarian Cup), Sezgin Huseynov - born in 1971, Sabi Mihailov - born in 1991, Nikolay Peev - born in 1972.

Second row - standing: Dobromir Dechev - Doctor, Gennady Laszlo - born in 1988, Selim Selim - born in 1984, Ivaylo Ivanov - born in 1979, Gursel Salimov - born in 1986, Konstantin Nikolaev (Goalkeeper) - born in 1991, Negdat Salimov - born in 1991, Galin Ivanov - born in 1985, Ilmi Ilmi - born in 1993, Yusuf Yusuf - born in 1984 and Asan Asanov - assistant coach.

This team was established in 2012 after a 20 year break from football. Out of 12 teams in the group, the team is ranked at number seven after the autumn season.

Matches will commence on March 16th 2013 and end at the end of May 2013