Welcome to the official web site of village Stefanovo

Village Stefanovo is located at the highest geographical point in northeastern Bulgaria, at approximately 396 meters above sea level. The population is known as brave and courageous due to the village's first name which translates "Bear Forest", where bears lived in the nearby forest, but that didn't impede people from looking after the land and raising families.

The village is famous for its "bread oven" established in 1967 by the Labour Agricultural Cooperative. In 1993 it became the property of Spiridon Spiridonov, who to this day has kept the tradition and recipe and continues to produce unique and delicious bread, which is known

not only in the Dobrich region but also across the whole of Bulgaria.

The village has: an elementary school, gymnasium, nursery, a pensioners' club, a youth club, a stadium, a community center, a library, a chapel and an Agricultural Cooperation established in 1994.

For a duration of 2 km. parallel to the main street in the center, the village is surrounded by a park with amazing greenery and trees.