The old name of the village was "Ayorman", which in Turkish means 'Sword forest'. The village is one of the oldest in the municipality.

Village Stefanovo is located in the plateau of Dobrudja, in the eastern part of Dunav's lowland, at an altitude of about 350 meters from the composition of Dobrich Municipality, on the main road Dobrich - Albena. It is situated 6 km south from Dobrich, 28 km from resort Albena and 40 km from Varna. The climate is moderately continental*. The village population is approximately 980 people which consists of Bulgarians, Turkish and recently British and Russians. Soil - silnoizluzheni and leached chernozems**. In terms of agriculture - the growth of wheat, corn, sunflower and beans are most popular.

In the earliest written sources in Turkish records from the years of 1526-1527 recorded the village under the name "Ayo Orman". Later, in the years 1673,1676 and 1792 it is mentioned under the names "Ayuv Orman" and "Aya Orman".

In 1573 the village was mentioned under the name "Orman Ayuv with one shepherd", because a shepherd owed a tax of 30 sheep to the state and was therefore placed on the list of people that owed sheep. From 1732 to 1790 the village was recorded in 27 places in official Turkish documents as "Ayorman" and "Ayu-ormana." Before the Liberation, the village meets the name "Ay Orman", "Ayu Orman" and "Axu Orman." After the liberation the village became a municipal center. In the year 1900, 17 villages are included and the village is recorded under the name "Ay Orman".

What is the meaning of the name?

It consists of two words - „Ay” and „Orman”, which in most places are recorded together (Ayorman), in some semi-merged (Ay-orman), and at times separately (Ay Orman).

„Ay” is a noun and means moon or month.
The same word in another version appears as:
"Aya" meaning bear.
"Axu" meaning deer or love.
"Orman" is also a noun, meaning forest.

In this case, these names can be given following interpretations: Forest of the Moon, Bear Forest , Forest of Lovers or Forest of the Deers.

The name "Ay Orman" was maintained until 1942. However by order of protocol № 2191 on 27.06.1942 it was decided that 'Ayorman village' will become Stefanovo.

Who is his patron?

Protocol № 81 dating 12.06.1942 from the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria stipulates: "... some villages in Dobrudja be renamed following the death of ...., ... especially deserving of the Bulgarian people and state leaders". Under № 7 in this list is the name of Hristo Stefanov, his name was given to village Ayorman, Dobrich.

Hristo Stefanov, Who is he?

He is born on 08.12.1888, in Kotel, to father Stephen and mother Stefania. His father has a farm in the village of Septemvriitsi - in the region of Balchik (350 hectares). After the big fire in Kotel before 1894 the family moved to live in Varna. In the summer they stayed at the farm in the village of Septemvriitsi.

In 1909, Hristo Stefanov graduated from agricultural school in village Sadovo. During the war he served as a reserve officer. Later, during the Romanian domination he engaged in public life by siding with the Bulgarian population in Dobrudja. On 4.05.1930 he was elected senator in the Romanian Parliament, where he protected the interests of the Bulgarian population in Southern Dobrudja.

He also participated in a Bulgarian minority party. He became one of the leaders of the national movement of lawful Shopski during the years of Romanian domination. He took on the role of Acting President of the Chamber of Agriculture in Dobrich. In 1929, due to severe winter conditions in Dobrudja, all autumn crops freeze. On his initiative the grain prices were lowered. Hristo Stefanov was killed on 2.09.1931 in the center of Dobrich by a Romanian rabid chauvinist; John Batoni (unfortunately, of Bulgarian origin, named Ivan Bratiev, born in Pirin Macedonia). Hristo Stefanov was buried on 4.09.1931 in Dobrich where many Bulgarians from the city and near genial attended.